Text on image reads: Snowflakes and Stars advent calendar stitchalong. Please read full listing description before purchasing
Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong. Pattern sections released so far.
Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong. Image of first snowflake with text: "Receive a new pattern section by email every day from 1-24 December, So you build up this beautiful piece through Advent"
Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong. Picture of pages of first PDF booklet. Text reads "Detailed PDF booklets emailed out every day during the stitchalong"
Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong. Text reads: "Each daily booklet contains: Image of the piece so far; Full pattern on one page, for screen use; Full pattern over four pages, for printing; Close up pattern of that day's new stitching; Thread key. Each booklet comes in two versions - colour and black & white."
Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong. Text reads: "The introductory booklet contains: All the information you need to prepare for the project; List of thread colours and pattern size; Guidance on fabric and hoop choices; Suggestions on alternative colours should you wish to change them, for example to use etoile thread or to stitch on paler fabric; Where to add beads to the project if you wish."

Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong

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This listing is to purchase the Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong! You will receive a new section of the pattern by email every day through the traditional advent calendar period, from 1st to 24th December - a daily advent treat in your inbox! You can then take time out during the run up to Christmas to relax and stitch this beautiful seasonal piece.

The theme is snowflakes and stars, and you can see the first snowflake in the listing photos. The pattern is predominantly snowflakes, with some stars and other elements. The snowflakes all use both full cross stitches and backstitch (with a little fractional backstitch). All the other elements use full cross stitches only. There are no fractional cross stitches or French knots in the piece. 7 thread colours are used in the design.

When you purchase the stitchalong, you will receive by instant download an introductory PDF booklet giving comprehensive information on the design, and the patterns released so far. The introductory booklet includes the thread colours and suggestions on changing thread colours if you wish to do so, and for incorporating beads. The pattern was designed to be stitched on dark fabric but you can easily change the thread colours to stitch it on pale fabric if you prefer.

You will also receive comprehensive cross stitch instructions.

Note that the download link will be sent to the email address given in your order, not to the email address you've typed in the request box, if the two are different. There will also be a link to download the files directly from the completed order page. The files are sent as PDFs in one zip file. Please unzip the file (right click > extract all) after downloading, and then you can open each PDF within the file.

You will then receive the other sections by email on the following dates:

Part 6: 6th December 2023
Part 7: 7th December 2023
Part 8: 8th December 2023
Part 9: 9th December 2023
Part 10: 10th December 2023
Part 11: 11th December 2023
Part 12: 12th December 2023
Part 13: 13th December 2023
Part 14: 14th December 2023
Part 15: 15th December 2023
Part 16: 16th December 2023
Part 17: 17th December 2023
Part 18: 18th December 2023
Part 19: 19th December 2023
Part 20: 20th December 2023
Part 21: 21st December 2023
Part 22: 22nd December 2023
Part 23: 23rd December 2023
Part 24: 24th December 2023

Each section is emailed out at 9am UK time. The emails will be sent to the email address you've typed in the request box.

***You will receive the patterns by digital download and email, and not by physical mail. No physical products are included in this purchase***

If you’re not already in the Climbing Goat Designs stitchers Facebook group, please come and join us there if you’d like to chat and share your progress. To share on Instagram the stitchalong hashtag is #SnowflakesSAL

The stitched area of the finished piece is: 134 stitches wide x 134 stitches high

On 14 count fabric this is approximately 9.6 x 9.6 inches or 24.3 x 24.3 cm
On 16 count fabric this is approximately 8.4 x 8.4 inches or 21.3 x 21.3 cm
On 18 count fabric this is approximately 7.4 x 7.4 inches or 18.9 x 18.9 cm

These dimensions do not include the border of fabric you will need to leave around the design. I recommend you leave a further 2-3 inches all the way round (which means that you need to add 4-6 inches to your size measurements) - or as much fabric as you need to mount it in the hoop size of your choice, if you want to mount it in a hoop.

The final piece is circular in shape and so can be mounted easily in a hoop. Alternatively, if you prefer to mount it in a frame, that would also look great - it doesn’t have to be in a hoop.

Suggested hoop sizes are:
For 14 count fabric: 11 inch hoop
For 16 count fabric: 10 inch hoop
For 18 count fabric: 9 inch hoop

The pattern was model stitched on 16 count hand dyed fabric from FinnStitcher’s Factory, entitled ‘Night Sky’. This beautiful fabric is available from Kaarina Anttila in Finland via her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FinnStitchersFactory

On each section release date you will receive two pattern booklets, one with colour patterns and one with black & white patterns. The pattern booklets include split page and single page patterns, and an enlarged pattern of that day's section.

Skill level: Suitable for those with a little experience of cross stitch.

Patterns are for personal use only.
© Climbing Goat Designs

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Kristi Jacobsen

Snowflakes and Stars Advent Calendar Stitchalong

Judy Cain
Excited about this!!

So far I am excited about this SAL! The first snowflake looks great, and the intro information looks very complete. I am looking forward to getting started!

Super snowflakes

Can’t wait to begin this design!