Frequently Asked Questions

I've never cross stitched before. Will I be able to do it?

Absolutely! Cross stitching is fun and very easy to learn. All my patterns come with a PDF of beginners' cross stitch instructions, which walk you through what materials you need and how to stitch. All the patterns also have a skill level in the description, so you can pick one suitable for beginners. The Climbing Goat Designs stitchers Facebook group is a busy and fun group and you can post any questions you may have there - whatever stage you are at, remember everyone else has been there too! You can also contact me with any questions - I'm always happy to help.

Can I return a purchase?

If you've purchased a cross stitch kit and would like to cancel the order or return it, please follow the guidance on the returns page. All my other items are digital patterns, either instant download or sent by email, so they are not eligible for return. If you are having any problems with the pattern or are unhappy about anything, please do contact me so that I can try to fix it.

What are your shipping and processing times, and your shipping prices?

Most patterns are instant download, which means you can get going straight away! Personalised patterns are sent by email after I have personalised them - please allow up to two weeks.

Cross stitch kits are usually mailed in a day or two, but please allow up to a week. Kits are mailed from the UK so may take some time to arrive in other countries. As a rough guide, please allow the following shipping times:

United Kingdom: 2-10 business days
North America: 2-6 weeks
Australia, New Zealand and east Asia: 2-8 weeks

Postage on kits is included in the price for UK customers; an additional price is added according to your location for international customers. If you want to order a kit from a country not currently shipped to on the site, or have any problems, please contact me

How do I download my patterns?

For instant download patterns, a link to the downloads will be sent in the email address you give when you order. There will also be a link to download the files directly from the completed order page. The files are sent as PDFs in one zip file. Please unzip the file (right click > extract all) after downloading, and then you can open each PDF within the file.

You may need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files. If you don't have it, you can download it for free here.

Current stitchalongs and personalised patterns will be emailed directly to you.

Can I buy printed copies of your patterns?

All the items for sale in the shop, apart from the complete kits, are digital PDF patterns. I am happy to mail out printed versions of any of these patterns on request. The price will be higher to cover printing and postage. If you would like some printed patterns, please contact me with the pattern(s) you are interested in, and your country of residence, and I will give you a no-obligation quote. 

Are your patterns the right size for my particular project?

The sizes of all the patterns are in the item descriptions - I have given both the stitch count and the size in inches and cm when stitched on 14 count fabric. These sizes do not include the extra margin of fabric you will need to leave around the design. If you are stitching on fabric other than 14 count, you can calculate what size the design will be. The count of the fabric is the number of squares or stitches per inch - so 16 count fabric has 16 full sized cross stitches per inch. So if you take the pattern size in stitches and divide it by 16 (or the appropriate count of your fabric), you will get the size in inches.

What is a stitchalong?

Stitchalongs are mystery patterns where initially only part of the pattern and the theme are revealed. All the subsequent parts of the pattern are then sent out by email, usually monthly or fortnightly, so that you find out as you are stitching how the final picture will look! Stitchalongs are great fun as so many people are stitching the same part at the same time, and sharing their progress in the Facebook group and on Instagram and Twitter. There is no pressure to keep up and there are always people joining at different times and finishing sections at different times. You can join a stitchalong at any point - if the stitchalong has already started, you will be emailed all the patterns released so far. All previous stitchalong patterns are also available as instant downloads. The complete cost of the stitchalong series of patterns is the initial purchase price - you won't be charged any further fees. Do have a look through all current and previous stitchalongs and come and join us!

I have a disability or special need. Can you make adjustments for me?

I am very keen to make sure Climbing Goat Designs is as inclusive as possible. If you need patterns altered in any way - for example, by making them larger - please contact me and I will do my best to help.

Can I sell my completed pieces?

You are very welcome to stitch pieces to be sold or raffled with all profit going to a charity or non-profit organisation. There have been many charity items made with Climbing Goat Designs, particularly for animal charities, and I'm always very happy to hear about them. Completed pieces can't be sold for personal profit. The patterns themselves are copyrighted and cannot be resold or shared in any form.

Can I change the colours in a pattern, or tweak a design?

Definitely! When you stitch a design you make it your own. If you want to change anything, go ahead and have fun!

Do you take commissions or personalised orders?

I do take some commissions, but I can't take on very many, so it depends on how busy I am and what the request is. I can often do simple personalisations. Other pattern ideas are always very welcome, though I may not be able to make them - but it's always worth asking! Please contact me to discuss any ideas you have.