Current stitchalongs: Dragons: A Field Guide; Wonders of the James Webb Space Telescope; and all the temperature patterns. Come and join us, we'd love to have you on board!

This collection contains all currently running stitchalongs, which are sent out in stages by instant download and email, and some previous completed stitchalongs, which are available as instant downloads. The complete cost of the stitchalong series of patterns is the initial purchase price - you won't be charged any further fees.

Stitchalongs are mystery patterns where initially only part of the pattern and the theme are revealed. All the subsequent parts of the pattern are then sent out by email over the specified period of time, so that you find out as you are stitching how the final picture will look! Stitchalongs are great fun as so many people are stitching the same part at the same time, and sharing their progress in the Facebook group and on Instagram and Twitter. There is no pressure to keep up and there are always people joining at different times and finishing sections at different times. You can join a stitchalong at any point - if the stitchalong has already started, you will be emailed all the patterns released so far. 

This section also contains the temperature cross stitch patterns. These are stitchalongs in the sense that you don't know exactly what your piece will look like at the end of the year, and that lots of people in the Facebook group will be sharing their progress. However they are very different from the other current stitchalongs because you will receive everything in instant download PDFs when you purchase - there are no mystery monthly instalments.