Love Quilts

Climbing Goat Designs grew directly from my involvement in Love Quilts UK, so the Love Quilts charities are very close to my heart. Love Quilts UK is a small organisation, run entirely by volunteers, which makes quilts for children with life-threatening or life-long illnesses. Cross stitchers all over the UK and around the world make cross stitch squares which are then quilted together to create beautiful quilts. The families choose the quilt theme to suit the child and the quilt is personalised with their name. 

I volunteer for Love Quilts UK by stitching occasional squares, designing and producing their charity calendars, and managing copyright permissions. My designs are frequently stitched for quilts by lovely stitchers, and I love seeing them on completed quilts, often with photos from the parents in the Love Quilts UK Facebook group.

Love Quilts Australia and Love Quilts USA are similar organisations to Love Quilts UK, and my patterns are regularly used by the wonderful stitchers in these countries too.

The Love Quilts groups give a wonderful way to volunteer for charity from the comfort of your own home, and by doing a hobby you love! New stitchers and quilters are always very welcome, and if you have a child with a disability or serious illness we would love you to apply for a quilt. Please check out the websites and Facebook groups for each organisation, and come and join us!

   Alanna with her quilt from Love Quilts UK  Alanna with her quilt from Love Quilts UK  Alanna with her quilt from Love Quilts UK

"Last night wasn’t the best for Alanna as she had 2 seizures and required emergency rescue medication. Luckily it worked and she wanted a chill out morning in bed. The postman turned up with her quilt today which was perfect timing. I showed Alanna her card and as I read it to her, her eyes lit up and she signed “I love that”. I couldn’t wait to show her the quilt next.

As I opened up the quilt I had to fight the tears back as I was overwhelmed by the beauty and love that had gone into every single stitch. Alanna laid there with her eyes twinkling in amazement and signing and saying in her own way “oh wow I love that quilt”. We looked and felt every single patch individually and asked for all the names and writing to be read to her. 

Alanna wanted to have her quilt on and immediately snuggled into it. I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for what you have done for Alanna and for all the other children you do this for. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only bringing the stars, rainbows, and mermaids to my daughter but for also all the love and happiness that she feels. That alone is priceless."