Christmas Dogs AND Christmas Cats Stitchalongs. Two fun, cute and easy patterns to cross stitch in the run up to Christmas. Both patterns included.
Christmas Dogs Stitchalong. A fun stitchalong in six parts building up a Christmas Dogs picture. Image shows one of the dogs with fairy lights.
Christmas Cats Stitchalong. A fun stitchalong in six parts building up a Christmas Cats picture. Image shows one of the cats with a Christmas tree and presents.
Stitch a fun new dog every month as we head towards Christmas.
Stitch a fun new cat every month as we head towards Christmas.
Christmas Dogs Stitchalong - pages of stitchalong booklet
Christmas Cats Stitchalong - pages of stitchalong booklet
Each monthly booklet contains: Image of the piece so far; Full pattern on one page, for screen use; Full pattern over four pages, for printing; Close up single page pattern of the dog or cat stitched in that section; Thread key. Each booklet comes in two versions - colour and black & white.

Christmas Dogs AND Christmas Cats Stitchalongs

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This listing is to purchase BOTH the Christmas Dogs and the Christmas Cats Stitchalongs! These are really fun, cute and easy to stitch matching designs. Each month for six months you'll receive a new part of each pattern, as we get nearer to Christmas.

These stitchalongs can also be purchased separately.

The patterns are designed to be framed in 10 inch hoops if you stitch on 14 count fabric, as shown in the pictures. Note that the stitching comes right to the edge of the hoop, so when stitching you will either need to use a larger hoop or frame, or move your fabric around within the 10 inch hoop. The final pattern booklets also include an optional stitched circle around the pieces, so that if you are stitching on a different count fabric or don’t want to mount the designs in a hoop, you can stitch the circles and then frame them in any other way.

The Christmas Dogs pattern uses only full cross stitches. The Christmas Cats pattern uses full cross stitches, and a tiny amount of backstitch (in the whiskers of a few of the cats only).

These are mystery stitchalongs, so you won’t see the other pattern sections until they are revealed each month. The stitchalongs run for 6 months, from July to December 2022. After the 12 sections you will have built up two fun and colourful Christmas pictures to hang up each year.

When you purchase the Stitchalongs you will be emailed an introductory booklet with details of all the materials you will need to stitch both pieces, and the patterns released so far. These are not instant downloads, so please allow time for me to email them to you. The remaining pattern sections will then be emailed to you on the following dates, at 9am UK time:

Part 1 Cats: 12th July 2022
Part 2 Dogs: 2nd August 2022
Part 2 Cats: 12th August 2022
Part 3 Dogs: 2nd September 2022
Part 3 Cats: 12th September 2022
Part 4 Dogs: 2nd October 2022
Part 4 Cats: 12th October 2022
Part 5 Dogs: 2nd November 2022
Part 5 Cats: 12th November 2022
Part 6 Dogs: 2nd December 2022
Part 6 Cats: 12th December 2022

Emails will be sent to the email address on your Etsy account. If you want them to be sent to a different email address, please add a note to the order when purchasing. ***You will receive the patterns by email and not by physical mail***

If you’re not already in the ‘Climbing Goat Designs stitchers’ Facebook group, please come and join us there if you’d like to chat and share your progress: or search for the group name on Facebook. And to share on Instagram the stitchalong hashtags are #ChristmasDogsSAL and #ChristmasCats SAL

The stitched area of the finished pieces, allowing for the hoop, is:
140 stitches wide x 140 stitches high
On 14 count fabric this is approximately 10.0 x 10.0 inches or 25.4 x 25.4 cm
If you are stitching the rings around the final patterns in place of the hoop, the stitched area of the finished pieces is 142 stitches wide x 142 stitches high.
Other count fabrics can be used - just adjust the sizing accordingly.

These dimensions do not include the border of fabric you will need to leave around the designs. I recommend you leave a further 2-3 inches all the way round (which means that you need to add 4-6 inches to your size measurements).

The patterns use both white and black stitching so it would be preferable to avoid stitching them on white or black fabrics. Most coloured fabrics would be suitable. The pattersn were model stitched on 14 count Zweigart Light Blue aida.

You will need 25 DMC colours to stitch both designs - less than 1 skein of each colour.

On each stitchalong release date you will receive two pattern booklets, one with colour patterns and one with black & white patterns. The pattern booklets include split page and single page patterns, and an enlarged pattern of that month's section.

Skill level: Suitable for all skill levels including beginner (though if you are an absolute beginner I suggest you try a small cross stitch pattern first before doing a stitchalong).

Patterns are model stitched by Ellie Darman.

Patterns are for personal use only.
© Climbing Goat Designs

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Really enjoyed the Wonders of the Solar System SAL last year so when I saw the Christmas Dogs and Christmas Cats stitchalong they just looked so cute! Clare's designs are so detailed and look AMAZING when completed. I find the exciting part is waiting to see what the next part of the SAL is as well as that moment when you start and finish it :)