Stitch Your Year in Temperatures cross stitch pattern. Customise your piece with your maximum and minimum temperatures AND motifs for the highlight of YOUR year.
144 different motifs included to personalise your pattern with the highlights of your year. Each motif is stitched in the colours for the maximum and minimum temperatures of the day.
47 page PDFs with detailed charts, motifs to choose from, colour schemes, temperature tables to fill in and comprehensive instructions.
Separate complete leap year and non-leap year files included so you can easily stitch for any year.
Stitch on dark or pale fabric - whichever you prefer.
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Stitch Your Year in Temperatures cross stitch pattern - maximum and minimum temperatures

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The Stitch Your Year in Temperatures cross stitch pattern booklets contain the charts and full instructions to cross stitch this piece in colours representing the maximum and minimum daily temperatures in your part of the world, through an entire year. Along with personalising it to your temperatures, there are also 144 different motifs for different activities and events included, which you can stitch in the temperature colours for any day. You will end up with a beautiful record of your temperatures AND your activities throughout the year - a piece completely unique to you. The pattern booklets are 47 pages long and have extremely comprehensive instructions.

The images show an example piece based on temperatures in Southampton, UK - the colour distribution in your piece will be different according to the temperatures in your area, and you would choose different motifs for different days, so every piece stitched will be unique.

Two separate versions are included, for leap years and non-leap years, so you can easily stitch for any year.

The design can be stitched on almost any fabric of your colour choice, just by changing the colour of the 'link stitches' if needed - example images are shown on both black and white fabric.

Charts for 144 motifs are included to personalise your pattern. These are:

Religious signs, Festivals and Holidays:
Church or other religious building
Christmas tree
Christmas cracker
Easter bunny
Easter egg
Star of David
Islamic crescent
Islamic crescent and star
Halloween pumpkin
Birthday or seasonal present
Ocean wave
Beach spade

Pets, Weather, Education and Travel:
Paw print
Spring equinox
Autumn equinox
Academic cap
Trophy cup
Camping tent

Everyday, Miscellaneous and Sport:
Shopping bag
Wine glass
Fork and knife
Cup of hot drink
High heeled boot
Top hat
House plant
Medical cross
Sport with round ball e.g. soccer
Sport with oval ball e.g. rugby or American football
Ice skate
Tennis racket
Golf club or hockey stick and ball

Interests and Hobbies:
Cross stitch
Sewing machine
DIY / Carpentry
TV or computer monitor
Gaming console
Chess or draughts
Board games
Painting and art
Playing cards
History / stately homes
Fishing, fishkeeping or snorkelling - 2 motifs

26 Alphabet Letters
10 Numbers
Exclamation mark
Question mark
Happy face
Sad face
6 Arrows

Very comprehensive instructions are included, explaining how to adapt the temperature colour ranges to almost anywhere in the world. You don't need to worry if you live in a hot or cold climate, or if the temperature goes between extremes - you will adapt the colours to your own temperature range, so that you will still stitch with colours across the rainbow palette. You can use either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales for your temperatures. Full alphabets are included so that you can personalise the central section for a different year and/or location.

If you don't live in a major populated area you might want to check that your area is covered by temperature websites, unless you are recording temperatures yourself. I recommend looking at:
On AccuWeather, if you search for your location and click on “monthly”, it will give you temperatures for all the months of the current year and the year before. In the settings (top right of the website) you can change between Fahrenheit and Celsius. If you want to go further back than the previous year, perhaps to commemorate a special year, both Time and Date and Weather Underground give temperatures going much further back. Time and Date allows you to choose Fahrenheit or Celsius.

I've put this pattern in the Stitchalongs category because it is a stitchalong in the sense that you don't know exactly what your piece will look like at the end of the year, and that lots of people in the Facebook group will be sharing their pieces - please do join us at However please note that it is very different from the other stitchalongs because you will receive everything in instant download PDFs when you purchase - there are no mystery monthly instalments.

The stitched area of the finished piece (not including any margin) is: 171 stitches wide x 171 stitches high
On 14 count fabric this is approximately 12.2 x 12.2 inches or 31.0 x 31.0 cm
On 16 count fabric this is approximately 10.7 x 10.7 inches or 27.1 x 27.1 cm

The main design uses only full cross stitches - no fractional stitches, backstitch or French knots. The central text uses backstitch and French knots.

The design is suitable for people with experience of cross stitch.

You will receive five PDF instant download files:
Non-leap year pattern booklet, with the charts in colour blocks with symbols
Non-leap year pattern booklet, with the charts in black and white blocks with symbols
Leap year pattern booklet, with the charts in colour blocks with symbols
Leap year pattern booklet, with the charts in black and white blocks with symbols
Comprehensive cross stitch instructions

Each pattern booklet contains:

Cover page with picture of example completed piece
Advice on fabric colour and link stitches colour
Single page chart for screen use
Split page chart for printing
Key to the charts
Diagram showing beginning and end of year and direction of stitching
Example chart of central text
Close up pattern with blank central section for positioning your text
Fonts for central text
Blank grid for charting text
Instructions on using the motifs
143 motif charts
Advice on temperature websites
Detailed explanation on how to work out your temperature and colour key
Example temperature and colour keys
Eleven complete colour ranges of between 16 and 56 colours allowing you to adapt your colour range precisely to where you live
Table to fill in your personal temperature and colour key
Tables to fill in your maximum temperatures for each day of the year

This listing is for PDFs of these pattern booklets; it is not a completed piece nor a kit, so no fabric, thread or other materials are included. The charts are Instant Download so you can download them straight away.

A link to the downloads will be sent to the email address you give when you order. There will also be a link to download the files directly from the completed order page. The files are sent as PDFs in one zip file. Please unzip the file (right click > extract all) after downloading, and then you can open each PDF within the file.

You may need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files. If you don’t have it you can download it for free here:

If you have any problems or need help please let me know!

Patterns are for personal use only.

© Climbing Goat Designs

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It's a gorgeous pattern and I'm excited to have it in my collection.

Heather Alford
Like the pattern

I liked the pattern. I had trouble downloading the pattern to my iPad. My son had to open it on his computer and the send me the open file. I look forward to making this design through out the year. I enjoyed making last years minimum / maximum design.


Amazing instructions and tables!!!