Wonders of the Night Sky cross stitch stitchalong: picture of the design released so far, including constellations, border elements and key.
Wonders of the Night Sky cross stitch stitchalong by Climbing Goat Designs - image showing some of the pages of the first pattern booklet
Wonders of the Night Sky cross stitch stitchalong - text saying: The pre-order booklet contains:  All the information you need to prepare for the project;  List of thread colours and pattern sizes;  Several pages of writing introducing you to the night sky.   The first booklet also contains:  Detailed step by step instructions on the speciality stitches for the stars
Wonders of the Night Sky cross stitch stitchalong - text saying: Each monthly booklet contains:  Images of the piece so far;  Full pattern on one page, for screen use;  Full pattern over nine pages, for printing;  Close up single page patterns of the constellations stitched  in that section;  Detailed explanations of everything you are stitching as you tour the constellations;  Each booklet comes in two versions - colour and black & white
Wonders of the Night Sky cross stitch stitchalong: picture of the design released so far, including constellations, border elements and key.

Wonders of the Night Sky Stitchalong

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This listing is to purchase the Wonders of the Night Sky Stitchalong! Over nine sections you will stitch a beautiful and very accurate cross stitch pattern of almost all the constellations in the night sky, along with a beautiful border which includes a key to the piece. Once completed you will have a large and stunning cross stitch picture to treasure. As with all my astronomy stitchalongs, each monthly booklet comes with detailed explanations of everything you are stitching, so no prior astronomy knowledge is needed.

As well as cross stitches, the piece uses a lot of backstitch, French knots and speciality stitches (stitches made up of specific combinations of backstitches), which all have detailed step by step instructions in the first pattern booklet. This is a very detailed piece; the overall amount of stitching is less than for Wonders of the Solar System (my last astronomy stitchalong), but it will require careful counting and positioning of the stars.

The pattern doesn't include any pictures of the mythology associated with the constellations (such as a picture of a lion around the constellation of Leo) - instead the stars are linked by lines as you would see on many star charts. The associated myths are mentioned in many of the written sections.

This is a mystery stitchalong, so you won’t see the whole pattern until the stitchalong has finished. The stitchalong runs for 9 months, from January to September 2022. After the 9 sections you will have built up an heirloom picture of the Night Sky.

When you purchase the Stitchalong you will be emailed a five-page introductory booklet with details of all the materials you will need, and an introduction to the Night Sky, and the patterns released so far. These are not instant downloads, so please allow time for me to email them to you. The remaining pattern sections will then be emailed to you on the following dates, at 9am UK time:

Part 8 25th August 2022
Part 9: 25th September 2022

Emails will be sent to the email address on your order. If you want them to be sent to a different email address, please add a note to the order when purchasing. ***You will receive the patterns by email and not by physical mail***

If you’re not already in the Climbing Goat Designs stitchers Facebook group, please come and join us there if you’d like to chat and share your progress. To share on Instagram the stitchalong hashtag is #NightSkySAL

The stitched area of the finished piece (not including any fabric margin) is: 326 stitches wide x 222 stitches high
On 14 count fabric this is approximately 23.3 x 15.9 inches or 59.2 x 40.3 cm
On 16 count fabric this is approximately 20.4 x 13.9 inches or 51.8 x 35.3 cm
Other count fabrics can be used - just adjust the sizing accordingly.

The pattern is designed to be stitched on black or dark fabric, and is model stitched on 16 count black aida. You will need 18 DMC colours - less than 1 skein of each, apart from one colour which requires 2 skeins, so you will need 19 skeins in total.

Each month you will receive two extensive pattern booklets, one with colour patterns and one with black & white patterns (with colour backstitch). The pattern booklets include split page and single page patterns, an enlarged pattern of that month's section, and a detailed description of that month's constellations and images.

Skill level: Suitable for those with experience of cross stitch.

Pattern is model stitched by Angie Sanders.

Patterns are for personal use only.
© Climbing Goat Designs

Customer Reviews

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Lourdes Tuma
Wonders of the night sky

Second pattern I have gotten and so far it has not disappointed. Very prompt in responding to emails and the designs are perfect

Rachel L
Looks great, can't wait to begin!

Was emailed my order very quickly - bought it on Saturday so wasn't expecting anything in my inbox until Monday, but it was all emailed to me by the end of the day - thank you! Very comprehensive guide, have just got my cloth and threads through the post today so am yet to begin but have seen others' photos of their progress so far on the cosy wee facebook group and am very excited to start :)

Ellie D
So excited to start stitching Wonders of the Night SAL in January 2022!

Although we have not starting stitching this pattern yet, if it is as good as all the other stitchalongs and patterns I have already purchased from Climbing Goat Designs and stitched, it will be absolutely amazing. The attention to detail in the designs is superb and easy to read patterns make them suitable for all experiences of stitchers. On top of all that, she also provides detailed and interesting Astronomical information relating to the design being stitched. I can't wait to get started on this pattern in January 2022!

Renee Cleveland
Wonders of the Night Sky SAL

Received the first email and can't wait to get started.